I am a bookbinder specialized in art books and marbling and I work using traditional techniques applying them to contemporary forms and needs. Yes, I am one of the few professionals who still works with ancient methods; but this is the only way to achieve authentic unique editions that last over time. 

Special editions, book-objects, marbling… for this purpose, I put all my experience, time, hands and soul at the disposal of artists, publishers and other private institutions, with customized projects that embody their desires and needs. 

In this frenetic world, I work only on request, and I do so in continuous dialogue with the client, suppliers and other craftsmen; a conscious and collaborative format – consistent with my lifestyle – that allows us to explore all the possibilities and develop exclusive projects. 

If you have an idea, send me an email to and we will set up a meeting to get to know each other and tell me about your project. Each budget is made in a personalized way depending on the needs of each job. 


Marbling paper has its origin in Japan with the Suminagashi technique, then it traveled to Turkey, where it had a boom and around the 18th century it reached Europe. When color printing appeared, the technique lost popularity and was gradually replaced.

Today we can find marbling not only on paper but also on lot of supports: textiles, wood, or ceramics among others. With marbling I have been able to decorate records, rugs, clothes, even hats! If you can imagine it, I can marble it.

Book Binding

Book Binding is not just making books, it is shaping your projects. It may be in the form of a book, but making books by hand allows you to experiment and play with shapes and materials without limits.

The suits of the books are always tailor-made and personalized so it becomes something unique that carries the soul of the person who has conceived it, something that I consider necessary in this world we live in.


If you have a space or studio and you would like me to give a workshop in these disciplines, send me an email and I will send you the dossier of available workshops.
So far I have taught Traditional and Japanese bookbinding and also decoration techniques such as Suminagashi and Marbling on paper and textiles. They can be considered as separate workshops but also in combination.

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